A Tid Bit About the Artist

Kimberly M. Farris

20151006_171158At the age of four my parents moved us from Louisiana to live in the suburbs of Houston, TX. Since I was young I have always been fascinated with art. My uncle was always painting, I recall he painted a huge mural on the wall of the house we lived in. My older sister would come home with fascinating sculptures with blue tentacles, or she would make these interesting collages and she was always coming up with unique projects we could do together. Art has always been my favorite subject in school and It just makes since because it makes me happy to create things that make people smile or think more deeply about the world around them. As I grew older my art developed, I was awarded an intermediate art award for the most improved artist in middle school. In high school won several 2nd place ribbons for a couple of pieces submitted. As a senior in high school I enrolled for duel credit in sculptural art and did very well. After graduating I attended the local community college and worked in the art gallery, ceramics studio and occasionally in the photo lab as a student assistant while earning my Associates of art in 2012. I have since relocated to Bull shoals, Arkansas and am continuing my education to pursue my bachelors degree. Recently a small kiln was graciously gifted to me. After some repair I am beginning the process of creating new pieces while studying and working my day job as an industrial molder.

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